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Thomas Andrews
Architect : R.M.S. Titanic
Thomas Andrews
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As builder of Titanic, Andrews has (or should have!) an important role in any re-telling of the tragedy. Here is some information on the actor who has portrayed him and his performance:

Victor Garber's performance as Thomas Andrews is extremely sensitive and as heartbreaking as anything else in the film. Despite limited screen time, his Andrews is a fully realized and three dimensional character. The most poignant moment for Garber's Andrews is the moment near the end of the film where he appears to fix the time on a clock. With the rest of the ship falling apart around him, he attends to this tiny detail. Others have interpreted his action as something like closing the eyes of a loved one who has died. Both of the links below will take you to excellent pages with more information about this very talented and versatile actor.

Victor Garber

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Titanic Movie

Winner of 11 Academy awards

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