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Thomas Andrews
Architect : R.M.S. Titanic
Thomas Andrews

The Titanic had been completed and delivered to the White Star Line on 2 April 1912. By 10 April, activity on the ship grew more and more frenetic as it was prepared for its first Atlantic crossing. She was not only loaded with commercial cargo being shipped to America, but last minute touches including carpeting, furnishing, and decorating, had to be finished. Supervising all of the activity was Thomas Andrews. It has been frequently pointed out that he knew every detail of his ship and none escaped him. During the last few days he had many meetings with owners, engineers, subcontractors, officials, he gave tours, and in between these events he found himself adjusting furnishings, electric fans, and no doubt answering constant questions.

Andrews's work was not finished once the ship set out from Southampton. After the voyage began, he continued to help the crew adjust to the new ship. He carried a notebook with him and was constantly making notes for improvements. The pebble dashing on the promenade, for instance, was too dark and the stateroom hat racks had an excessive number of screws holding them in. Still, on 14 April, Andrews remarked to a friend that Titanic was "as nearly perfect as human brains can make her.

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