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A few notes of Birthday quotes, to tell you what it means, to celebrate a Birthday and to fulfill all your dreams

We celebrate a Birthday for many reasons, for joys we have known through lots of reasons, for friends who share in all we do, for the road ahead that makes our world new.

A Birthday is a time to makes wishes for all good things – Brightest hopes, warmth and joy of love and pleasured moments.

A Birthday is a time to create special memories that are warmly woven into our hearts, and cherished forever.

A Birthday brings new dimensions, that enable to see, all things within a kinderlight and more perceptively.

A Birthday means some time to spend, on things you’d like to do, time to use in special ways that mean the most to you.

It’s pleasure having Birthday’s when you know without a doubt, that living each day fully, is what life is all about.

A Birthday is a brand new chance to start fulfilling all the hopes and dreams and to begin making more wishes from the heart.

A Birthday is a time to celebrate, to find a quiet moment or two, to relax & take it easy, and enjoy whatever it brings.

A Birthday is a million moments, each holding a promise of fulfillment of your dreams, and accomplishment of some special plans.

On your Birthday you get to celebrate yourself with smiles, frolic, songs and cheer.

A Birthday is a day that brings you special joy, a day that lets you know, you’re always loved & cherished.

A Birthday is a thoughtful day from dawn to close when you sit back and remind yourself of the days before.

A Birthday is a day, so happy, sunny and bright, filled with pleasant surprises, fun, and delights.

A Birthday brings with it nicest kinds of joy, happy hearts, cheerful words, and loving smiles.

 A Birthday always brings, the bluest skies that touch spring, the kind that fills the world with fun from break of day, to setting sun.

A Birthday wish can add a special touch of sunshine to the hearts and lives of those who mean so much.

A Birthday is a time to look back on wonderful times, good friends and dreams that come true.

 Each year a Birthday comes, to make us wise and kind, and help us judge all people with the heart and not the mind.

 A Birthday is a special day, filled with all the beautiful and nice things, that happy memories are made of.

Every Birthday is a dream that’s cherished by the heart, in which your brightest hopes and wishes play a part.

An extremely wonderful day, that’s what a Birthday is, coupled with good luck, happiness & joy, beyond pleasure.

Birthdays are special occasions for letting people know, how much they mean to their loved ones and how much they are cared for.

Birthdays are special days when you reminisce the past, and think about the wonderful things that will always last.

Birthdays are times filled with dreams of tomorrow, which will touch your life with new experiences and moments worth cherishing.

A Birthday is the time to remember the triumphs and pleasures, the laughter and cheer, and the joys shared with the loved ones near.

Birthdays are a chance to enjoy nature’s beauty – Like sweet smell of flowers and the warmth of the sun, that are sure to please your heart.

A Birthday’s a good time to put into words, the thoughts all too seldom expressed, for the one who is loved so much.

Birthdays are occasions for compliments and praise, and saying all the nice things we don’t say on other days.

Birthdays come and birthdays go, with each passing one we grow, they teacj us to look forward, too, as with each passing year we see out dreams coming 

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