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can only occur when we offer our self  to the other, and to offer our self to someone else is the most risky of all human endeavors.

is an invitation, a gift, a promise.

is only for those who believe that they do have something worth revealing to a friend, that there is an intrinsic value in them which others ought to find attractive.

cannot exist if one person does all the giving & the other all the getting.

is a bursting out, a breaking of chains, a tossing aside of shackles, a liberation from bonds.

is a game, a game that demands stamina and vigorous exercise.

is love &, like all other love, requires faith and hope; indeed friendship produces ecstasy in us precisely because its love challenges our faith & our hope to ultimate in their resources.

is not optional. And so, whether we like or not, all of us have to learn to love one another.

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