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A tale of two lovers,

Who loved each other so much.
But their differences separated them,
And soon it ruined their love.

He approached her one sunny day,
And said, "We have to talk."
And as the clouds came rolling in,
She knew what he thought.

He said, "My dear, I love you so much,
But I'm afraid it has to end.
Perhaps we'd both be better off,
If we were just friends."

The meaning suddenly hit her,
And the words broke her heart.
She couldn't stand to lose him,
She couldn't stand to part.

She looked at him with tearful eyes,
And asked, "Is that what you want?"
And as he shifted from foot to foot,
She knew their love was gone.

The words repeated in her mind,
"Just friends, just friends."
She would have to stand the test of time,
A test that would never end.

He said, "I'm glad you understand,
But that's how you've always been."
And as he walked away, he heard her say,
"Just friends."
She sat at home that night,
Thinking everything through.
"How could love end so suddenly.
A love that was so true?"

He saw her the next morning,
Smiled and said, "Hello."
She wanted to hold him and love him,
But refused to let her feelings show.

She smiled back and said, "Hi."
And then she kept on walking.
As he watched her drift by,
He thought, "What was I thinking?"

He called her that very night,
And said, "It's true what they say,
You never know how much you love someone
Until they leave you one day." 

She said, "I didn't leave you,
In fact, you left me."
And as the tears fell from her eyes,
She said, "Why can't you see?"

"Our love has already been slaughtered,
There is no life after death.
And if friendship is all that matters,
Then we shall be just friends."

It was his turn to cry.
He thought, "What have I done?"
"How could something like this happen?
How could I be so dumb?"

She practically read his thoughts,
And said, "My dear, don't cry.
It wouldn't have worked anyway."
And all he asked was, "Why?"

"We both want different things,
We want to lead different lives."
And as he hung up the phone,
He thought about her reply.

"Perhaps she is right," he thought.
"I don't need her."
But he knew he was lying,
They both needed each other.

He walked down the hall to the kitchen,
And then pulled out a knife.
And as she sat there crying,
He ended his life.

She knew something had happened,
And she cried, "Please God, no!"
And as she ran down the street,
She yelled, "I loved him so!"

She knew she was too late
As she walked through the front door.
And there, of course, he lay,
Crumpled on the floor.

She fell forward with a sob,
And he opened his eyes.
She said, "Darling, I love you.
Darling, please don't die!"

He lifted a bloody hand,
As she put pressure on the wound.
And as he caressed her cheek,
He whispered, "I love you, too."

She became aware of the sirens.
And they took him away.
He was still alive, barely,
And she held his hand all the way.

She became aware of the sirens.
And they took him away.
She sat in the waiting room
And cried her heart out.

The doctor emerged from the hall
And said, "There's nothing we can do now."
She ran into the room and held his hand,
As she cried,

"If you leave me, I'm leaving with you."
And then, he died.
She walked out feeling helpless,
And ran into the street.

As the truck turned the corner,
She began to feel weak.
It was too late to run.
The truck was going forty-five.

And like her lover,
She also died.

In the paper, the headlines read, 
"Two peoples lives end, Because one thought they should be Just friends."


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