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1. Indecision is the step-sister of flexibility. If you feel you are underpaid, find a way to prove it. 

2. Success has made failures of many. 

3. In business as in chess, think eight steps ahead. 

4. Be patient. Whole mountains can be moved one spoonful at a time. 

5. Setbacks are a part of every business. Get up, dust yourself off & get back in the game. 

6. No bees- no honey. No work- no money. 

7. Learn from the past, plan for the future, but live for today. 

8. Success is never finalÖ Failure is never fatal. 

9. Make sure that the solution is the chief cause of the problems. 

10. Wealth is worthless without wisdom. 
11. Tomorrow is always a new day. 

12. Equality in all aspects should be based on ability- not age, race or gender. 

13. Order & simplification are the first steps toward mastering a subject. 

14. Never burn bridges. 

15. Success is failure turned inside out. 

16. Luck is when opportunity meets preparation. 

17. Stay within your area of competence, except when seeking solution. 

18. Slay your enemies with kindness. It will hurt them more. 

19. Sleep on it before making monumental decisions. 

20. Never respond in anger. Wait 24 hours to cool off. 

21. The right actions follow correct thoughts. 

22. The best way is often the simplest. 

23. Enthusiasm & loyalty are the best job qualifications. 

24. Follow that most difficult principle - Buy low, sell high. 

25. Remember that a 1000 mile journey begins with a single step. 

26. The higher the level, the clearer the air. The clearer the air, the better the view. 

27. Master yourself. Only then you can master others. 

28. Problems are organic. Deal with them immediately or they will grow. 

29. Understand that you must control your destiny. 

30. Success is the child of audacity. 

31. Only those ho can dare to fail greatly can achieve greatly. 

32. Stumbling blocks are stepping stones in disguise. 

33. Some people make excuses. Others make progress. 

34. The only true success is to be able to live life your own way. 

35. There are no facts; only interpretation of facts. 

36. Facts donít cease to exist because they are ignored. 

37. Many  truth is strangled in the spider-web of facts. 

38. To do nothing is the worst sort of failure. 

39. Donít judge those who try & fail. Judge only those who fail to try. 

40. Act as if all were right, and all will be right. 

41. Being in the right doesnít depend on having a loud voice. 
42. Envy is the price you pay for fame. 

43. Fear something & it gains power over you. 

44. Take interest in your future - thatís where you are going to spend the rest of your life. 

45. Returns from generous actions are not always evident. 

46. No gain without pain. 

47. Goodness is the only investment that never fails to return a dividend. 
48. To become rich - work on peopleís greed. 

49. The rung of a ladder was never meant to rest upon, but only to hold your foot long enough to put the other higher. 

50. Happiness comes from within, it can never come from outside. 

51. You can never really help people by doing things for them which they can do themselves. 

52. Too often we give people when we should be teaching them to grow their own plants. 

53. The easiest way to make the grade is on the level. 
54. A yawn mat be bad manner but atleast it is an honest opinion. 

55. Those who donít hope to win have already lost. 

56. The longest day must have a end. 

57. It takes many a tumble to keep us humble. 

58. The most valuable thing you can give a person is a useful idea. 

59. One constructive suggestion is worth a hundred complaints. 

60. New ideas rarely germinate with someone who is scared of being wrong. 

61. Doing nothing is a tiresome job because itís impossible to stop & take a rest. 

62. Be different from other people-use your imagination. 

63. Commit yourself to a life of self-improvement. 

64. Focus on making things better - not bitter. 

65. Try to leave everything a little better than you found it. 

66. The worst place to live is just beyond. 

67. Innovation thrives on encouragement & dies with routine, regulations & bureaucracy. 

68. The innovator sees enemies of all those who prospered under the old order & gets little support from those who would prosper under the new. 

69. People donít do what the boss expects; but what the boss inspects. 

70. One can pay back a loan but one is forever in debt to kindness. 

71. People donít know what they donít know. 

72. Knowledge is remembering that fire will burn wisdom remembering the blisters it will cause. 

73. Better late than never, but better never `LATEí. 

74. Leaders are not born, they develop. Leadership is principally a behavioral skill & can be learnt. 
75. The key to leadership is to accept responsibility. 

76. Learning is discovering whatís possible. 

77. The more I learn, the more I realize how much I donít know. 

78. The greater the involvement the more we learn. 

79. It is harder to unlearn than learn. 

80. We learn best when we are having fun. 

81. Never be frightened to ask - why? You may learn something. 

82. A lie may take care of the present but it has no future. 

83. Better a lie than heals than a truth that wounds. 

84. You will please people more by listening to them than by talking to them. 

85. Identify your best workers, encourage them & let them do the job their way. 

86. The key to successful meeting is to continually improve each meeting by constant criticism & evaluation. 

87. The best memory is that which writes kindness in marble & injuries in the dust. 

88. One who makes a mistake & does nothing to correct it is committing another mistakes. 

89. An error becomes a mistake only when you refuse to correct it. 

90. We learn from our mistakes, seldom from our success. 

91. Moderation in all things should be our motto. 

92. Be moderate in all things, including moderation. 

93. Job enrichment is the key to motivating staff. 

94. Necessity is the mother of invention. 

95. Separate people & personalities from the problem. 

96. It is better to lose on your own terms than to win someone else terms. 

97. There are none so blind as those who wonít see. 

98. You will never stumble on anything worthwhile if you are sitting down. 

99. Put things in their places, & they will put you in your place. 

100. Effectiveness in an organization depends on clarity of purpose, clearly conveyed to the workers who understand what they are expected to do. 

101. Donít worry about the past. It canít be changed. 

102. A pessimist is one who absorbs sunshine & radiates gloom. 

103. When the going gets tough, the tough keep going. 

104. The plan is not as important as the planning. 

105. As plans are formed draft proposals should be moved upwards to see if the ideas are acceptable & downwards to see if they will work. 

106. Poise is the art of raising your eyebrows instead of the roof. 

107. Poverty is no disgrace - itís just most inconvenient. 

108. Pride is at the bottom of most mistakes. 

109. Basic principles & fundamentals never date when you have a problem - they prefer to keep their prejudices. 

110. Variety is the spice of life, but monotony supplies the food. 

111. Visitors always give pleasures - if not when they come, then when they leave. 

112. If life was a thing money could buy, the rich would live & the poor would die. 

113. Being young is a fault, which improves daily. 

114. There is nothing more fatiguing than worrying for an uncompleted task. 

115. Worry is the interest by those who borrow trouble. 

116. Wise learn by their own mistakes, fools by their own mistakes. 

117. The wise person is the one who knows there is something to be learnt from everyone. 

118. Winners make things happen - Losers let things happen. 

119. Proper planning prevents poor performance. Remember this as the five Ps. 

120. Success at the expense of faith & family is really failure. 

121. If you canít find the time to do it right the first time, how do you find the time to do it over & over? 

122. Donít expect your customers to tell you they are unhappy with your level of services. 

123. Strive for increases in profits, not just sales volume. 

124. Underpromise, overperform. 

125. Do you feel the customer is fortunate to do business with you? You better not! 

126. There is no replacement for effort. 

127. Mend broken relationships. Negative energy will keep you from being productive. 

128. Remember that none of us is more important than the team. 

129. A bad attitude cancels all other positive kills. 

130. A little advice : ABC - avoid bad company. 

131. You are not learning when you are talking. 

132. Decision is the spark that ignites action. Until a decision is made nothing happens. 

133. If you pursue profits, quality will be your first casualty. If you pursue quality, profits will chase you. 

134. Look at life through the windshield, not the rear-view window. 

135. Beauty is truly only skin deep. Perforce is ever lasting. 

136. Be a part of excellence, not critical of it. 

137. Technology is not a replacement for hard work. 

138. When you work hard, you have earned the right to play. 

139. Donít spend your time worrying about why you canít win an account. Concentrate your thoughts on how you can win it. 

140. Each day you get better or worse. Itís your choice. 

141. Know the difference between mark up & gross profit. 

142. Your time budget is equally important as your financial budget. 

143. Always keep social & business relationships separate. 

144. The best defence is still a good offense. 

145. Monday mornings & Friday afternoons should be work time not wasted time. 

146. Never be too busy to follow up small things. 

147. Are you doing the same things you were doing last year? If so, you are losing ground. 

148. Donít confuse efforts with results. 

149. Be concerned when you lose, but donít feel defeated. 

150. Time is what man needs most, & wastes most. 

151. Donít put all your eggs (time) in one client's basket. 

152. Life is a dream, never stop dreaming 

153. We may never have the opportunity to do great things, but we all have the chance to simple things in a great way. 

154. Every great achievement was once considered impossible. 

155. Life challenges us with the fact that everything can be done better. 

156. Any activity becomes creative when you try to do it better. 

157. Itís better not to wait for a crisis to discover what is important in your life. 

158. People are about as happy as they decide to be. 

159. Simple things are often the most satisfying. 

160. Good health is true wealth. 

161. My success stops when I do. 

162. Big problems always start out small. 

163. Being a grandparent is godís compensation for being older. 

164. You always find time to do the things you really want to do. 

165. Regardless of how little you have, you can always give comfort & encouragement. 

166. Joy is often the ability to be happy in small ways. 

167. Most people resist change, & yet itís the only thing that brings progress. 

168. You never get rewarded for things you intend to do. 

169. Fame is written in ice & eventually the sun comes out. 

170. To get the right answer, you have to ask the right question. 

171. You shouldnít speak unless you can improve on the silence. 

172. If you know someone who knows how to drown their sorrows, you better tell them that sorrows know how to swim. 

173. When you are angry or frustrated, what comes out? Whatever it is, itís a good indication of what you are made of. 

174. To change everything, simply change your attitude. 

175. Only God is in a position to look down upon anybody. 

176. We still have a lot to learn. 

177. A bachelor is a rolling stone which gathers no boss at home. 

178. For broken marriages many husbands split the blame, half is wifeís fault, & other half her motherís fault. 

179. One problem many housewives face is that they have too much of month left over with too little of money. 

180. If you have problems with your children, donít be disheartened, even God has problems with his children. 

181. Once in a blue moon a man finds an ideal woman, but she is also looking for her ideal man. 

182. It is no longer the cost of living, but it is the high cost of existing. 

183. A house is made of walls & beams, a home, of quarrels & screams. 

184. A bachelor looks before he leaps then stays where he is. 

185. Many homes are destroyed by fusses than by fuses & fires. 

186. A husband likes to think he bosses the house, but he actually only houses the boss. 

187. To teenagers most helpful are motherís cookbook & fatherís checque book. 

188. Age stiffens the bones & thickens some brains. 

189. Youths look ahead, the aged look back, & the middle-aged look lost. 

190. Many girls would rather have beauty than brains because the average man can see better than he can think. 

191. Babies are angels, but as their legs grow longer, their wings grow shorter. 

192. A Teenager is a minor, who is sometimes a major problem. 

193. The ideal husband is the one who also understands every word his wife isnít saying. 

194. In life you need not look for troubles, just sit & wait. 

195. The one book that always has a sad ending is a checque book. 

196. Marriages are made in heaven, so are thunderstorms. 

197. A tongue is a wet place & liable to slip. 

198. Speeches are like babies, easy to conceive but difficult to deliver. 

199. Tomorrow try working smarter - not harder. 

200. There is no better way to make difficulties last than to sail around them. 

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