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One night I dreamed a dream, I was walking alone on the beach along with my Lord. As we kept walking on the beach, the scenes of my life flashed before me across the dark sky. For every scene that flashed before me I noticed a set of footprints on the sand, one belonging to me & one to my Lord.
But during the scenes of the most troublesome times of my life I noticed only one set of footprints on the sand. This was the most troublesome scene of my life & caused me a lot of pain & made me cry when I thought about it.
I questioned the Lord & asked him about my dilemma. I said "My dear Lord, You said you'll never leave me, not at all during my darkest times of my life. But you forsake me Lord. I noticed that during the darkest times of my life you left me, just when I needed you the most. You forsake me! Why??
"My dear child, my precious child, I love you & will never leave you during your darkest times & especially in your troubled times. The time when you noticed only one set of footprints on the sand :
It was then, "I carried You!"


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