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I feel I've lost a thousand years,

just living day by day.
I'm hidden behind the pain and tears,
my sorrow guides the way.
I cannot see where I have gone,
nor where my life shall go.
But leaving you my life-long friend,
is the only way I know.
It will be painful, I will be weak
but true friendship never dies.
So call upon the Greatest Power,
when you feel you can't survive.
He will heal you saddest hours,
and keep our memories alive.
For in the eternal love of God,
true friendship never dies. 

You made me remember the good times
When I could only remember the bad
You promised me a return
Of the peace I long ago had
You never left me alone
When that was what I wrongly thought i needed
You never dwelt on my faults
Instead you pointed out when I had succeeded
You made me laugh
When I felt I would cry
You made me live
When I wished to die

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