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lways be honest
B e there when they need you
C heer them up; we all need encouragement now and then
D on't look for their faults, even if you have none
E ncourage their dreams, what would we be without them?
F orgive them, you may do something wrong sometime
G et together more often, misery loves company, so does glee
H ave faith in them
I nclude them
J ust be there when they need you
K now when they need a hug
L ove them unconditionally; that is only condition
M ake them feel special, because aren't we all special
N ever forget them
O ffer them help
P raise them honestly and openly
Q uietly disagree, noisy NO's make enemies
R eally listen
S ay you are sorry, don't let them assume it
T alk frequently, communication is important
U se good judgment
V erbalize your feelings
W ish them luck, hopefully good
X amine your motives before you "HELP" out
Y our words count, give them wisely
Z ip your lips when told secrets


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