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The Ship of Dreams
R.M.S. Titanic

When the Titanic went down she took with her the lives of many brave people including her entire complement of engineers under the control of Joseph Bell, the Chief Engineer Officer. His staff consisted of 24 engineers, 6 electrical engineers, two boilermakers, a plumber and his clerk. In addition many, if not all, of the firemen and coal trimmers were lost.

Joseph Bell - Chief Engineer
W.E. Farquharson - Second Engineer
Norman Harrison - Junior Second Engineer
John Henry Hesketh - Junior Second Engineer
Bertie Wilson - Senior Assistant Second Engineer
Herbert Gifford Harvey - Junior Assistant Second Engineer
Jonathan Shepherd - Junior Assistant Second Engineer
George Fox Hosking - Senior Third Engineer
Edward C. Dodd - Junior Third Engineer
Charles Hodge - Senior Third Engineer
Francis Ernest George Coy - Junior Assistant Third Engineer
James Fraser - Junior Assistant Third Engineer
Leonard Hodgkinson - Senior Fourth Engineer
J.M. Smith - Junior Fourth Engineer
Henry Ryland Dyer - Senior Assistant Fourth Engineer
Henry Watson Dodds - Junior Assistant Fourth Engineer
Arthur Ward - Junior Assistant Fourth Engineer
Thomas Hulman Kemp - Extra Assistant Fourth Engineer (Refrigerator)
Frank Alfred Parsons - Senior Fifth Engineer
W.D. Mackie - Senior Fifth Engineer
Robert Millar - Extra Fifth Engineer
William Young Moyes - Senior Sixth Engineer
William McReynolds - Junior Sixth Engineer
Henry Philip Creese - Deck Engineer
Thomas Millar - Assistant Deck Engineer
Peter Sloan - Chief Electrician
Alfred Samuel Allsop - Junior Electrician
Herbert Jupe - Assistant Electrician
Alfred Pirrie Middleton - Assistant Electrician
Albert George Ervine - Assistant Electrician
William Kelly - Assistant Electrician
George Alexander Chisnall - Senior Boilermaker
Hugh Fitzpatrick - Assistant Boilermaker
Arthur J. Rous - Plumber
William Luke Duffy - Chief Engineer's Clerk (Writer).

35 Engineering staff died including the Chief Engineer's Clerk 18 Wives were widowed 26 Children were left without a father

The duties that the engineers had to perform

What happened during the collision with the iceberg

After Collision
What happened after the collision

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